I always move in the winter.

I always move in the winter. My brother and I have always had to buy a house in the cold winter after buying a house in the winter. This is the second year and we have worked hard to find a house from the end of last year to the beginning of this year without even realizing we are getting older. The only winter spring for poor learners is on the electric floor. So we walked all over Seoul on the floor paper.
We ate more ice cream than stress when we lay on the electric floor and searched for real estate sites. Again, I bought a lot of two-garders, ate them with spoons, and searched the house. Finding a house on the Internet was different from buying a winter coat at an Internet shopping mall. It was a job to provide ” house ” for most of my belongings. My brother wanted the station because he was a well-known street and I wanted a house, not a room. My brother, who was six years younger than me, was busy looking around the house. I was so tired of scolding my younger brother for looking at his clothes that I spread out on the electric floor. Then, I went shopping for a house in my dream without fail.
The first house to be recognized on the Internet was located in Gwangjin-gu. The boy was living with his brother and said he was a candidate for the civil service exam. We quickly caught sight of the neighborhood, listening to the introducing ourselves of the young man at the Children’s Grand Park station. The house, which was 10 minutes old on foot, was finally located just below Mt. Achar. As he became further away from the station, his brother shook his head. The smell of deodorant was just sprayed on the young man’s house and we left our house after a quick look like it.
We didn’t like the second house or the third one. Most of the houses were older than we were and resembled poverty that had never been born. The number of rooms has increased. The new buildings were being carved and sold. We were getting fat because of the people who kept calling the room ” home ” and the people who insisted it was ” above ground “. It must have been a hard two months. My younger brother and I decided to visit the old villa by introducing real estate. It was a very old house, but it had two floors and sat facing south. It was a moment when the ages of the houses we lived through were being renewed again. We wanted to move here because it was the only house that met my brother’s and my expectations.
It’s been a week since I moved. The deposit on the house was five million won higher than it was at the previous house. I decided to sit in the south and walk in exchange for the sunlight. Even if it is daytime, the spring comes when I have to turn off the electric floor paper and sleep in the sun. But we still often eat ice cream on it. Suddenly, eating vanilla ice cream, I wondered what the real vanilla would be like. It’s delicious anyway. It is a delicious spring day.

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