Volley is a technique

Volley is a technique used in tennis to hit and hand over a ball before it is bound to the ground. This technique is to be used primarily in situations in which the competitor is close to the net, and may also be used in the middle of the coat or near the baseline.

The main purpose of playing Bali is to advance to the net, and to dodge the ball in the middle of the court, making it difficult for the opponent to have time to catch up. Bali also has the advantage of being able to handle the ball before it falls to the ground, so it is capable of hitting the ball at a higher angle than it is on the net because it is not affected by irregular bindings, such as grass coats. On the other hand, it takes agility and a quick reflexes to get the ball going so fast. You should also be prepared for the opponent’s attempts at passing shots and lobes.

Typically, a player who plays the sub-and-rilling style will play the first Balinese near the service line after the serve is added. And as he continues to take the ball back to Bali, he gradually moves forward in front of the net to put pressure on the opponent. As the player playing Bali moves forward more and more into the net, the player standing in the baseline usually attempts a passing shot because each player playing in the baseline has to cover it. A volley player usually makes it harder for the opponent to hit the precise passing shot, hitting the opponent’s backhand with a deep approach. In particular, a large number of Backhand slices are used to make it easier to get close to the net since the slices are slow to tie the knots, making it more suitable for making it easier to gain access to the net.

It is difficult to play Bali near the baseline or service line because it is so far away from the net that it is so close to the base line that it is difficult to play ball, making it known that John dead in the area between the baseline and service line.

The term tillage is also used in other sports, generally meaning handling a ball before it falls to the ground.

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