Games PC, gold in virtual currency. Is the console the answer in 2018?

Among the platforms to play in the Korean market are the PC, which has been the mainstream since the past year, and the console platform, which has been growing quite a bit since the beginning of the spotlight last year.

On the console platform, Sony’s PS3 (PRO) and Microsoft’s XBOX ONE (S, X) are available, and Nintendo switch released late last year is popular.

In order to play the game in earnest now, it is common to choose either a PC or a console device.

However, as a matter of choice, PCs and consoles for the game have their respective pros and cons, and there are quite a few points to consider.

So, as of 2018, I’ll be taking the time to talk about platforms, PCs, or consoles and the content and performance to choose between them.

The most basic problem for those who are worrying about whether to play games is the price.

Considering the cost, the PC side is said to be at a slight disadvantage as of 2018.

The price of graphics cards, which affect the performance of games, has soared, especially since the company has already covered the relevant issues several times in the Cavench.

At least the NVIDIA GTX 1060GB has to be priced at 60 frame level for games like the Battle Ground that are popular these days to operate smoothly at least 30 frame level, despite the fact that they are largely caused by the boom in virtual currencies.

At this price, you can buy a console at the price of a single graphics card.

Of course, if you include CPU, mainboard, memory, graphics cards, etc. besides graphics cards, gaming PCs are very difficult to compare to consoles in terms of price at this point.

Even if one decorates gaming PCs at a low price, it will cost at least 600,000 won, and at the average cost of 700,000 to 800,000 won is now a high-end gaming PC.

The console, on the other hand, is the best season to attract gamers. The console costs 600,000 won at most recently released high-end models.

For Sony PS4, the basic Slim version is 370,000 won, and the Performance UP version is 490,000 won, with the exception of other discount stores.

Similarly, Microsoft’s XBox ONE also supports a resolution of 350,000 won and 4K, and the XBOX ONE X is 570,000 won.

Nintendo switch costs 360,000 won. All these prices are exclusion-exclusive, making them cheaper to buy if you include a variety of discounts and promotions.

In conclusion, if you just want to play games at a price you’ll find it cheaper to buy consoles.

But if you look at the price, you may think so. Isn’t it possible for PCs to play games better and better quality than consoles anyway? as

In these days, it is popular to release the same game on both PC and console. (Some games are released on a proprietary platform, but this is described later)

Considering the price-to-performance aspect, it is undeniable that the PC usually leads the game depending on the game. However, if game developers are to release both the console and PC, they must carry out each optimization and setting that is suitable for the platform.

On a PC, a variety of specification options can be modified by the user, on a high specification the high equality can be seen, on a low specification console the low equality can be set on a low specification.

As a result, although PC is a good choice for the game’s top visual display when it is released, it is very unlikely that the console will be provided with a game of a lower quality than that seen on a lower quality PC.

Talking about it again at a price point, the console is definitely much cheaper than the gaming PC. Since it is true that the standard is not as high as the high-end PC, it can be lacking in performance and quality compared to the high-end gaming PC.

However, it is also said that game developers can ensure superior quality and performance while making it optimized for the fixed specifications of the console. It is easier to optimize for a fixed specification than for a fragmented specification.

After all, it is cheaper to choose between PCs that are as high-quality as investment, but a console that can not be guaranteed the quality that complies with the specifications is better.

Choice can be said to be based on price and performance, the style you want.

■ Differences between keyboard, mouse, and game pad

Performance and quality are important, but game play style is also important.

Lately, the boundary may be a blurred area, but it can not help but pick up the interface part that plays the game.

The PC usually plays with a keyboard and mouse, a joystick on the console, and a pad called a game-bag now.

Whereas the PC allows you to connect the console’s game pad to play with the same interface as the console, the console generally focuses on the keyboard and mouse connection, making the console game more forward.

Due to these differences, if you find it difficult to adjust the game pad to the console, compared to the keyboard and mouse, consider choosing a console.

My personal thoughts are that playing games on both sides of the PC and console, and I think it makes me feel more interested in the genre of the game and the fun associated with the kerma (keyboard mouse) and game pad.

While we talked about price and performance earlier, the most important thing is what games and content to play.

As I mentioned for a moment, it is common for games to be released on both the PC and the console. But there are still exceptions.

Some game developers are supported by their respective console developers to release the briefly mentioned ” Exclusive Platform Game. ”

Sony and Nintendo often play these exclusive games. Sony and Nintendo have several developers on their own to guide users onto their console platforms as the exclusive game with higher quality gaming capabilities.

Typically, Sony . is famous for many of its First Party developers. For instance, there are the Last of Earth, the War, and the Uncharted series.

Nintendo is featuring a party game console and the Zelda’s legendary Bress of the Wild, along with its capabilities as a handheld on the recently released Nintendo switch.

The behavior of Microsoft XBOX’s team is somewhat unusual. Although it only plays exclusive games on XBOBs, it services the stores to share with the PCs, but also offers exclusive games on the PC through its Windows 10 store.

On the contrary, it is recognized as a barrier to the benefits of the XBOX console’s ownership, making it both gain and loss.

On the other hand, while only the keyboard and mouse show exclusive games that are easy to play, recently the monopoly on PC games is rarely found.

It would be best to have all the platforms (?) if we consider these days of exclusive games, but we don’t usually have that kind of situation.

Therefore, it is necessary to check and choose what game content is released on the PC, consoles and not just the performance and price.

So, right now, I would like to give my personal thoughts to a direct reader who asks, ” What the hell do you like to choose? ”

If you have the money to spend on a high-end PC, of course, you can enjoy the most games.

Also, if you have a high performance PC, the exclusive games on the XBox platform may be a far cry from purchasing the XBOX ONE console because it can be purchased and played through Windows 10 stores.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a PC or have a low-capacity PC to play with, the choice of XBOX ONE X is the best choice for price/performance.

Not only is it possible to play multI-platform games, but it also has the same performance as a high-end PC.

If you want to play games that are not easily seen on a PC, the PS4 is the right place to play. More games are available with the PS 4 only each year, especially as the Korean version is frequently applied exclusively by Korean standards, allowing users to enjoy a variety of exclusive games and games in Korean.

There are disadvantages to having only a PS4. It is because although there is a version of the high performance Pro compared to PC or XBox ONE X, it is likely to feel insufficient compared to PC or XBOX ONE X in the performance and quality area. In particular, the frame and resolution related areas are large.

Nintendo’s Nintendo switch feels a little more like a PC versus console option. The unique thing is that it can be used as a portable without the need for a separate display, and it is a combination of a solo and a multI-story piece.(As of 2018, even that is still lacking)

In addition, most games offered are rather cute, and with the exception of some games, the quality and scale of the games are still lacking compared to the games found on traditional consoles and PCs.


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