Puket Island

Puket Island is in the Andaman Sea, in front of the west coast of the Thai peninsula.

Puquette, located in the southeastern part of the island, is the administrative capital and main port of Puket County, serving as the commercial hub of the Andaman Sea. Through this port, tin, rubber, charcoal, timber and fish products are exported to Malaysia and Singapore in the south, and into Myanmar in the north.

The airport has regular flights to Penang, Malaysia, and several cities in southern Bangkok and Thailand. Most of Puket’s islands are flat, but hills measuring 520 meters tall are occasionally found. Early humans started living here in the 1st century B.C. and formed part of many countries in the early 16th century.

Many Chinese came in after the 18th century, and today more than half of the population is made up of Chinese people. The island, also called a cape by the Malay people, is also called Tonga, Zhungshilon, and John Sallam. The name Puket comes from the fact that there are abundant tin mines here. The tin mine produces about a third of the Thai tin’s production. In this area, ore found in low-rise sand floors and shallow water streams is dug out with dredging systems and pumps.

Puket Island is also famous for its major beach resorts. There is a ship that connects the Panga County in the north with a narrow strait, and it connects the Puket, Banra, and Yi, the main stream by road.

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