40 Tips to Find Out

1. If you tie a handkerchief to your baggage when traveling abroad, you can find it without confusing it with other baggage. .
2. Graffiti that does not want to be displayed is harder to read if other words are added than deleted with a line. .
3. You can wear a smartphone stand with sunglasses or glasses. .
4. After applying wax or candle to the whole shoe, melt it with a blow dryer to make waterproof shoes that are impervious to water. .
5. Button your shirt on the back is convenient. .
6. To find out how many batteries are left, drop them from the bottom of the floor at 15cm. If you flip a little bit, you’ll be left with a little bit of battery, and if you flip a little bit or more, you won’t be able to use it. .
7. If the bucket does not enter the sink, fill it with water using a dustpan. .
8. If you put a cell phone light under it, it shines like a lantern. .
9. If the ball point ball springs are attached like a picture, the wires will no longer be stripped. .
10. When wet tissue is frozen in a bottle, it cools down rapidly in 15 minutes. .
When I go to the sea in the summer, I put important things in an empty sunscreen tub. There are no cases of stealing sunscreen and it is also a great storage compartment. .
12.While distinguish similar keys, put a nail polish on them. .
13. Clip makes it easier to organize lines and cables. .
14. When organizing all kinds of cables, wires, and cords in the box, use the toilet paper to clean up the remaining tissue. .
15. Use a tissue seam to store large paper, such as wallpaper and wrapping paper. If you cut it like a picture, you can write it in any volume. .
You can easily take the leaves of a strawberry using a straw. .
When you drink iced coffee or iced cappuccino, try adding frozen coffee instead of ice. The coffee won’t go cold. .
18. When I lend my friends money or things, I never forget to take pictures with my friends. .
19 .
20.When it is hard to find something small because you have lost it, you can easily find it by tying stockings at the entrance of the vacuum cleaner. .
21. When you put the round cheese in a sandwich, cut it into two pieces. .
22. In the egg life, adding 1 teaspoons of baking powder makes the skin easier to peel. .
23. The corduroy can be used as a fine shirt color only iron. .
24. If you make a prop for the bar ice cream, you will not be able to melt it. .
25. You can distinguish the lines at a glance by writing their names on the things you use on the bread cabinet and plugging them into wires. .
26. Take care of the earbuds with a hairclip. .
27. Scrub the zip tooth that is stuck in a block with a pencil to fix it. .
The best way to squeeze lemon juice is to use tongs. .
29. If you don’t have a cork bottle opener, just insert a screw and remove it as if you can’t remove it. .
30. Rub walnut over broken wooden furniture to make it clean. .
31. When car headlight becomes hazy, rubbing it with toothpaste makes it cleaner. .
32. If you cut the milk bottle into the marked form, a dustpan and a small shovel are made. .
33. If it is inconvenient to stick a straw in a can, it is solved by passing it through the lid hole of the can. .
34. Empty lip balm can be used to hide the slush funds. .
35. If you put it on the tape end, you don’t have to be lost the next time you use it. .
36. If there is only a cell phone charging cable, use this because there is sometimes a USB terminal behind the TV. .
37. If a smartphone password is a keyboard, use special characters to increase security. .
38. Using the top of the ketchup box on the top of the vacuum cleaner, it is good to clean small areas such as a keyboard or microphone. .
39. When you heat your pizza in the microwave, it will soften with a glass of water. .
40. Using the old sticky notes before throwing them away is a good idea to clean up your keyboard.

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