Boracay, located in the northwest of the Philippines

Boracay, located in the northwest of the Philippines ‘ western island of PanaI Island, is an island nicknamed ” The Last Paradise, ” and it has beautiful beaches and other amenities in one place. If you walk a few steps from the resort, you can easily see the white sand beaches and clear seas you won’t be able to meet in Korea, and you will find simple trips to resorts along the beach, restaurants, pubs and other cute shopping malls. At any time, you can get a massage from a beach manager and taste a variety of desserts and foods from all over the world. European tourists often stay in Boracay on the island and open a restaurant there, so they can enjoy the taste of major European dishes and enjoy the attractive atmosphere of Boracay at a low price.

Hopping tours, skin scuba diving, and snorkeling, which are also essential things to enjoy in Boracay. At sunset, you will be able to enjoy the sea of sunset on a bunker, and at night, you will be able to enjoy various live shows on the beach so that you can experience various activities from morning to evening. There are many small things to see, such as butterfly farms and observatory, inside the island, so there is no time to be bored even if you schedule for a long time. Boracay will give you a chance to forget about your daily routines and enjoy the pleasures of the travelers in these remote foreign lands.

Be sure to experience Boracay
① Boracay SunSett Seiling
② Boracay D Mole
③ Boracay White Beach
Boracay Hopping Tour
Boracay Mango Shake

Boracay Commentary Course
Day 1 : Enjoy the beach → Boracay SunSett Sailing → Live at the cafe

Day 2 : Boracay Hopping Tour → Explore Boracay D mall → Get Boracay Beach Massage

Day 3 : Boracay Scanding Diving → Boracay Mango Shake → Getting a Spa

Day 4 : Butterfly farm → Ride ATV → Ruho Mountain Observatory → Shop souvenirs and gifts at Boracay D Mall → Enjoy the last night in Boracay

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