We are a sixth-year-old couple.

We are a sixth-year-old couple.
That’s still a shy, shy relationship.
It’s a space, it’s a goal, it’s a team that is customized.
So we got used to many things.
Food, hobbies, interests, thinking style, pattern, rhythm,
We are becoming familiar with and familiar with many different fields.
He talked about his wish when he started dating.
The annoying woman,
The condition is a woman,
I hate lazy women.
I talked.
I’ll try.
My wish is
Yo! You! Gee!
I said don’t use the title forever.
I wanted to be honest in every way.
Without a clear sense of self-organizing
I don’t like people who are in control.
If you like it,
If you don’t like it, you don’t.
I want to be honest in the sense that my thoughts and expressions are clear. ”

You’re doing great.
The more you get used to it, the more likely you are to feel free.
The Bible has a clear principle, a guide.
For starters, my husband forgets.
I’m a wife.
Follow the headworks.
I feel it is important not to pass on my wife’s responsibilities and responsibilities to my husband.
We give them a big meal.
Clean and warm up for a comfortable house.
When one is busy with many things to do
Instead of thinking you’re alone,
I’m diligent, so it makes me feel at home when the other person takes a break.
Sometimes I make excuses for something or other.
Early morning weather, public transportation, early rush hour, most of the waking hours
Company life, mass transit 10,000 won, work hours after sunset, dinner preparation at home, and weekdays that are repeated for five days.
The weekend starts at dawn, and we prepare for service, research, and assembly.
Time is limited, and work will accumulate if you don’t do it now.
Not everything is perfect,
Sometimes it’s greedy.
If you don’t feel good, if you’re tired of overtime, all sorts of excuses,
I have a husband who understands, understands, and helps me all day long.
It will be turned around.
The husband who expresses his feelings and thoughts well
He’s bad at it in many ways, but when he does what he likes,
I like this life because I feel happy.
The happiest time these days is
It is a time to take a rest in the morning by resting on the heavy eyes and body that overcame sleep during the weekend.
When they spend their time doing what they love, they feel stronger in bond.

We are a sixth-year-old couple who haven’t had any arguments or arguments.
Thank you.

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