I had a special morning yesterday morning.

I had a special morning yesterday morning.
Everyone knows that a hairdressing shop in Incheon
# The representative of the late Chung Hyun’s hair was giving a lecture with hair designers.
I found out a few years ago that I asked Hwang Dae-kun, the president of GojungHyun Hair, for a lecture on celebrities.
I was hesitant to think I was qualified to give a guest lecture.
I decided to do it if I can be of help to the head of the department, who is living in poverty, and to CEO Ko Jung-hyun, who I respect. ”
Wake up at 4:30 a.m. and arrive at Incheon # Gyeongin Women’s University
I arrived before 6, had a cup of coffee, and started speaking at 7.
Sunshiki Hare’s education is available every Saturday at 7:50.
I almost did it at 10 in the morning, but it was the first time I did it at 7 in the morning.
Incheon is a big and busy brand, so I wanted to ask you to come from far away and take a lecture from here at 7
Thank you all again by giving an Eagle to everyone.
This week’s program is called ” # Hair Designer. ”
I put the brand down and talked about my idea of a hair designer in the extreme.
Since it is morning time, I can be very tired, so I will show the video and send a message from my hair designer.
I tried to communicate.
The documentary movie ” # Jiro’s Dream ” is uploaded as a video necessary to convey this message.
The movie is released in 2011.
It is a simple sushi restaurant with only 10 guests sitting in the basement of Kinja’s office building in Tokyo.
The world’s best restaurant assessment # Michelin Guide recognizes this owner as
Jiro Ono holds the record for the oldest three-star chef in history.
At the time of the shoot, I was 85 years old … ‘

A food critic who calls the store ” the best sushi store ” by sushi chef Jiro Ono said that the movie’s introduction
He said, ‘ It’s neat and clean. It’s simple. ‘ It’s the only sushi restaurant in Tokyo that won’t look fancy and is faithful to its natural taste and that doesn’t even sell liquor except sushi.

His documentaries do not add any narration to his story, but present the image and interviews of sushi makers.
Listening to a person’s life is considered better than a scenario I’ve been working on for years.
The indirect experience is a reminder that you don’t win the direct experience, and that you don’t win the rest of your life.

The real master
It’s a film that tells you what your dream field of craftsmanship is.
I really think this movie is valuable because it contains my father-in-law in it, and I really appreciate it because it was made.
It’s a very simple and concise but necessary mind in today’s society that’s stuck in a rut or ended up doing things.
I also watch this movie when I feel depressed or when I shake or have a challenge.
I will tell you the story of # Barber and Hairdresser
Showing part of Jiro’s dream point and telling my thoughts
He carried on with his lecture.
Finally, I showed a video of a Taiwan hair show.
I can’t tell you what a Taiwan hair show means because I have to wrap it up fast.
If anyone who has been here on a movie read it, I would like to give you more message.

If you watch the video of the hair show, you can see Korean music.
As you know, Korean hairdressers feel strange when they give Korean music a hair show. Pop, Ilrek, anyway, I prefer other music than Korean music.
However, Korean music, Korean fashion, and dramas are popular around the world.
The hair show that I express to Korean music in Taiwan is very fond of Korean music, so I would like to ask the Taiwanese who are interested in Korean culture.
She showed off her unique colors to the Korean music of Hongdae this year.
And in some ways, the days of adventure can be simple, but don’t you think it would be a good idea to give it a try?
I ended up with a head show video thinking that it would be a long way but perhaps one of the lives of our dream hairdressers.
Anyway, I will have a variety of seminars and lecture experiences this year.
Passionate CEO Goh Jung-Hyun, director, and hair designers all have passionate eyes and energy.
I also feel energetic and draw 2018 on our Sunshiki.
I would like to thank all of you for coming to my lecture early in the morning.
Thank you for joining us in the early morning.

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