The reason why I like home is because I can fill in only what I want.

The reason why I like home is because I can fill in only what I want. –

For example, if I went to a place with a good atmosphere after a long time and did not have a good snack, I could suddenly ask for a cup of soju that would cost me many times more than what I used to buy at the mart, and I could ask for a quiet place to share that wine at the weekend.

Or the mood, the meal, the drink, the company sitting there completely filled with satisfaction, and when I was sitting down, I suddenly imagined that eight or so customers would sit down next to my table. –

On the other hand, the house is not like the atmosphere of Garosu-gil BanaCafe, but I can not but I can not but choose the kind of wine that I want to drink at the right price. –

Besides, I can’t take her every time I go out, so I guess I have my precious pet dog, GongchilI, lying down next to me so I don’t have anything to worry about. –

I guess why I came up with this story is that I found satisfaction and happiness mainly in social activities and outside of my home. –

Of course, depending on who you meet outside, where you go and what you enjoy, the quality and value of your life will vary and I think it is inevitable since I don’t live on a desert island. –

However, when I see my parents ‘ generation moving from Seoul to provincial areas and spending their old lives comfortably after they have finished their retirement or used their savings from the ” green years of the year. ” –

Even if it is time to compensate for the efforts made by the president without any intervention or instructions from anyone. –

Children who are busy walking around and building social skills do not understand why my father gives me so little pocket money and prepares the expensive phonograph after the age of 60. –

But people who love the place and want to fill it with things they love completely, are able to fully understand it. –

This house, which always has what I like in my hands, and is full of what I like when I lie down, makes me happy no matter what I don’t. –

When I talk about this, I have a large house I want to run through, a sofa I can sleep in, a nice sofa that is not too loud, but a nice speaker that is played throughout the house. –

What I needed was an enormous amount of money after a decade of shopping for clothes I’d bought once in a season, saying I had no desire for water. –

Simply having this problem that will not be solved in a few years, I lay down in the warm bed of my loved one Monday morning to think about how to make money and save it. –

It’s dangerous outside the bed –

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